Patti Bowman Contemporary Landscape Painting



Patti Bowman is a Seattle-based encaustic painter and visual artist whose work embodies fragility, alienation and somewhat unwarranted optimism in her approach to observing and describing the complexities of contemporary life in a particular place. Through her painting, Patti investigates how the built environment shapes the human mind and how our relationship with it can affect and/or facilitate our well-being and understanding of ourselves. Her work is vulnerable and sincere, reflecting her commitment to exploring the messy reality of life with all its contradictions and complications.


Patti’s use of the encaustic medium is unconventional, but perfectly suited to her exploration of the connections between the concrete physical and abstract aspects of human experience. Her training at the University of Calgary and Emily Carr University in Vancouver BC, as well as Pratt Fine Art Center and Gage Academy in Seattle has given her the tools to study and express her perspective on the interplay between ideas and the physical expression of those ideas.


Growing up in Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada, and later moving to the Seattle area where she now lives and works, Patti has a deep connection to her environment and its impact on her experience and mind. Her work seeks to serve as a reminder of the potential for art to help us gain insight into ourselves and the world around us, and of the profound connections between our inner and outer worlds.